Invest in Spain

Malaga is currently undergoing a period of major transformation as economic and technological capital of Andalusia, resulting in a positive impact on the city’s economy.

The city is in the midst of an increasingly dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, boasting top quality productive infrastructures, skilled workforce and a “Smartcity” development strategy that make it a unique platform for the establishment of national and international companies.

Given its excellent transport infrastructures and geographical location in the south of Europe not far from the coast of Africa (it is the port of entry to Europe from the African continent), Malaga offers multiple opportunities for the establishment of  companies, and is considered an ideal location due to its growth, economic and social  development, enhanced by Spain’s international connections, and excellent climate, with 293 days of sun per year.

Indeed, Malaga is ready to increase its presence in the world as a city open to investments and the generation of value for its citizens and enterprises.