Terms of Use

Terms of Use

User and liabilities

Your navigation, access and use of the websites property of Malaga Property invest constitutes your acceptance of all terms of use and conditions contained herein, notwithstanding legal compliance with other relevant mandatory rules according to each case.

The website pages property of Malaga Property invest provide a wide variety of information, services and data. The user hereby accepts his liability for the correct use of the websites. This liability shall be made extensive to:

– The accuracy and lawfulness of the details supplied by the user in the contact forms provided by Malaga Property invest in order to access certain contents or services offered by the websites.

– The use of the information, services and data offered by Malaga Property invest contrary to the terms and conditions herein, the Law, morality, good practices or public order, or that may in any other way may result in damages to the rights of third parties or to the correct functioning of the websites.

Links to other websites and liability disclaimers

Malaga Property invest is not responsible for the content of third-party websites that the user may access through the links contained in its websites and hereby states that under no circumstances shall Malaga Property invest examine or exercise any type of control on the content of other pages in the internet.

Likewise, Malaga Property invest will not guarantee technical availability, accuracy, validity or lawfulness of pages not owned by the company that may be accessed through the links.

Malaga Property invest states that all necessary measures have been taken to avoid any damages to users of its websites that may be derived from navigation in the web pages owned by the company. Therefore, under no circumstances shall Malaga Property invest be liable to any user for damages resulting from his navigation through the internet.


Malaga Property invest reserves the right to change, without prior notice, the contents of its websites, terms and conditions of use, or general agreement terms. These changes may be implemented, through its websites, in any manner or form accepted by law and will be mandatory for as long as they are published in the website and until they are not substituted by any others.

Cookies Disclaimer

Malaga Property invest reserves the right to place cookies whilst the user navigates the company’s websites to enhance personal features and assist in site navigation.

In agreement with the company’s data protection policy, Malaga Property invest states that cookies are associated with the anonymous user and his device, and do not provide access on their own to the user’s name and surname.

The user has the possibility of setting his internet browser to report the use of cookies and is therefore able to block access to his hard drive. However, use of cookies is not required to access the Malaga Property invest website.